Cortana , meet Alexa, OK Google ?

Microsoft  sent me a friendly email yesterday , pointing our that their Cortana App was now in the Google Play Store. I guess they figured out that no-one was buying those Lumina phones much . Poor old Nokia, may he rest in peace.

So if you want to enjoy a duo of lovely lady assistants, get the Honor  Mate 9 and ,voila Alexa meets Cortana.  It’s a pity Siri won’t come out to play, but she always was a bit of a loner. She gives you that feeling  that it’s her way or nada……


Lenovo’s Handsome Smart Assistant

I have to say this Echo Clone looks good , and with optional Harmon Kardon audio it probably sounds better than a real Echo. The base model is  also $50 cheaper than the real thing in the U.S. Finally it available in a lot of colours. I   like the look of the orange one.

Lenovo Smart Assistant

It’s not shipping just yet , and having checked  the images and video it seems to lack one feature I would miss.  A  real echo has a very easy to use  volume ring you can twist at the top , and that gets a lot of use in my house……    Even the Echo Dot misses that, so you have to push a button  or say “Alexa Quieter ”   Its  the same Button/ Voice  thing with Lenovo Smart Assistant, so no more twirling….

Colour my wall

I was in Mediamarkt  Sihl City a couple of weeks  back and saw some weird colour changing modular wall  tiles ,  called Nanoleaf Auroras.

Nanoleaf Auroras

They seemed  to be App controlled,  like everything these days…  I thought no more of it.

Well , guess what, now Alexa  can speak to  the wall….

Alexa finds Aurora

BRILLIANT  !!  Can see it already on my daughters bedroom wall.   I will buy and let you know how it works out .

Alexas get upset….. and get me a coffee

So, to get this out of , the way immediately, if you happen to be named Alexa,  you are not best pleased with the Echo being a roaring success.

Alexas not impressed ….

Right,  boo hoo I hear you say….  After all they can now call their Echos “Computer ”

Now there is great news for all you holders of Starbucks Gold Cards like me ….

Starbucks love Alexa

I have to be honest that  Starbucks Switzerland is not on-board yet , but folks, eventually they will be …